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Cam Brand; It was formed by the combination of a blacksmith working in a small boutique workshop and a knife collector who buys products from this workshop.

We took our first step with R&D studies on the reproduction of the classic and established models of the Turkish blacksmithing and cutlery tradition with modern materials and brand new designs in a completely handcrafted manner.

Our aim is to offer the best quality pocket knives and knives suitable for the needs of the users in Turkey and around the world with our years of experience without compromising on quality materials and defect-free craftsmanship.

This distance sales contract has been drawn up in accordance with the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on Distance Contracts. This Agreement is signed by the BUYER for the sale/sale of the following products/services (“Products/Products”) that the BUYER wishes to purchase by placing an order on the SELLER's electronic commerce website (“INTERNET SITE/SITE”). regulates the rights and obligations of the parties regarding delivery and other issues.


Address (Center): Beştepe Mah. Nergiz Sok. No:7A-14 Floor:8 Via Tower, Yenimahalle, Ankara
Address(Factory): Saraylar Mahallesi, Ahi Sinan Caddesi No:40 Merkezefendi / DENİZLİ
Mersis No:

1.2 BUYER:
as a customer the person who is a member of the shopping site. The address and contact information used when registering as a member are taken as basis in the buyer information.



It consists of the type, quantity, brand/model, color, quantity, sales price, payment method, and information at the time the order is finalized.

In this context, the Type and Type, Quantity, Brand/Model/Color, Unit Price(s) and Sale Price and Payment (collection) Information of the products (goods/services) and Delivery Information including the place of delivery notified by the BUYER are as follows.


Brand, Product, Color, Size etc:-----------TL ------- ------TL

Order Processing and Shipping/Shipping Fees ------TL

Payment (Collection) Information:
Payment Method-Means: (Credit Card / Credit Card at the Door or Cash Collection)[Card Type Visa etc…)
Card number:
Payment Credit Card:
Installment/Single Payment to Credit Card:
Total Amount :-----------TL

Delivery Information:
Name, Surname / Title:
Address :
Email :

Billing Information:
Name, Surname / Title:
Telephone :
Email :
After the BUYER approves this Agreement on the WEBSITE, the price and expenses of the Product(s) ordered are collected by the payment method he/she chooses.


3.1. The BUYER declares, accepts and undertakes that he/she has been informed about the following issues by seeing, reading and examining all the explanations in the relevant sections of the WEBSITE, before the BUYER accepts this Agreement on the WEBSITE and is placed under the obligation to order and pay.

3.2. The BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that it has been informed by the SELLER with the PRELIMINARY INFORMATION FORM before the contract is concluded.

3.3. The title and contact information of the SELLER, the stages of the sale process during the purchase of the Product(s) from the WEBSITE, the confidentiality, data usage/processing and electronic communication rules applicable to the BUYER's information, and the BUYER's permissions to the SELLER in these matters, The legal rights of the BUYER and the SELLER, the payment methods/means accepted by the SELLER for the Product(s) subject to the Contract, the basic features/qualities of the Products, the total price including taxes, the delivery methods of the Products to the BUYER and the shipping/delivery Information about / shipping costs, payment / collection and delivery information about the Products and the performance of the Contract, the commitments and responsibilities of the parties in these matters, all information regarding the use of the BUYER's right of withdrawal and what it will lose if it is not used on time, the products for which it has no right of withdrawal. and other goods/services, about withdrawal, how the Products can be returned to the SELLER, in case the BUYER is a legal entity, the right of withdrawal for the Products purchased for commercial or professional purposes (for example, bulk purchases are deemed to be of this nature) "consumer According to its nature, all other sales conditions included in this Agreement and this Agreement can be stored and accessed for the period requested by the BUYER, since it is sent to the BUYER by e-mail after the BUYER has approved and established it on the WEBSITE, and the SELLER has three that he can keep for a year. In case of a dispute, the BUYER can submit his/her complaints to the SELLER with the contact information and legal applications to the District/Provincial Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Law No. 6502.


4.1. The BUYER has the right to withdraw from this Agreement without giving any reason and without paying any penalty within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the Product.

4.2. However, the BUYER has no right of withdrawal in the contracts regarding the following goods/services, in accordance with the law and regulation:
4.2.1. Contracts for goods or services whose price varies depending on the fluctuations in the financial markets and which are not under the control of the seller or supplier.

4.2.2. Contracts for goods prepared in line with the BUYER's wishes or personal needs.
4.2.3. Contracts for the delivery of perishable or expired goods.

4.2.4. From the goods whose protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package have been opened after delivery; Contracts for the delivery of those whose return is unsuitable in terms of health and hygiene.

4.2.5. Contracts for goods that are mixed with other products after delivery and cannot be separated due to their nature.

4.2.6. Contracts for books, digital content and computer consumables offered in material environment if protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package are opened after the delivery of the goods.

4.2.7. Contracts for the delivery of periodicals such as newspapers and magazines, other than those provided under the subscription contract.

4.2.8. Contracts for accommodation, transportation, car rental, food and beverage supply, and leisure time for entertainment or recreation, which must be made on a specific date or period. 4.2.9. 4.2.9. Contracts for services performed instantly in the electronic environment or for intangible goods delivered instantly to the consumer.

4.2.10. Contracts regarding services that are started to be performed with the approval of the consumer, before the expiry of the right of withdrawal.

4.3. In order to return cosmetics and personal care products, underwear products, swimwear, bikinis, books, reproducible software and programs, DVD, VCD, CD and cassettes and stationery consumables (toner, cartridge, ribbon, etc.), their packages are unopened, untested, intact. and they must be unused.

4.4. In cases where it is possible to use the right of withdrawal, if the BUYER does not use the goods in accordance with the operation, technical specifications and usage instructions within the withdrawal period, the BUYER is liable for the changes and deteriorations that occur, and in these cases, the BUYER may lose the right of withdrawal; In cases where it is accepted by the SELLER, a discount is made from the price of the product to be returned, up to the change / deterioration.

4.5. In cases where there is a right of withdrawal, the legal notification of the use of the right of withdrawal by the Buyer must be notified verbally/in writing to the SELLER's contact addresses specified in this contract within 14 days.

4.6. In case the said right is exercised within the time limit, it is obligatory to send the Product to the above-mentioned address of the SELLER, at the BUYER's expense, within a maximum of ten (10) days.

4.7. In this return process, the product must be delivered completely and undamaged, together with the return form on the E-archive invoice of the Product, together with its box, packaging and standard accessories, if any. In addition, in cases where a Return Invoice must be issued by the BUYER as per the tax legislation, the section related to the return shall be filled and signed on the invoice to be returned with the Product.

4.8. Provided that the above-mentioned requirements are fulfilled by the BUYER, the product price and, if any, the delivery costs of the Product to the BUYER are returned to the BUYER in accordance with the payment instrument used when purchasing the Product, within 14 days from the date of receipt of the withdrawal notice to the SELLER. is done.

4.9. The BUYER's legal rights/responsibilities for the Products after the withdrawal period and the SELLER's rights and obligations from the BUYER, including the contractual and legal collection/offense rights, are also present and valid.


5.1. The product subject to the contract is delivered to the BUYER or to the third person/organization at the address indicated on the WEBSITE, provided that the legal 30-day period is not exceeded, on the principles specified below. Official holidays and religious/national holidays are not counted from this period.

5.2. The SELLER sends and delivers the Products through the contracted cargo company for its shipments. In the event that this cargo company does not have a branch at the location of the BUYER, the BUYER must receive the Product from another nearby branch of the cargo company notified by the SELLER. All the Products subject to the order are given to the cargo company to be delivered to the person and address specified by the BUYER during the order. Cargo Companies deliver the shipments received from the SELLER to the BUYERS as soon as possible, depending on the distance of the delivery location and the extraordinary circumstances experienced.

5.3. In general and unless expressly stated otherwise, the delivery costs (shipping fee, etc.) belong to the BUYER. For purchases made from the internet address, the shipping fee will be covered by the BUYER for the purchases below the amount of 100 TL, and for the purchases of 100 TL or more, the shipping cost will be covered by the SELLER. Also, as this is the case, the SELLER may not reflect all or a part of the delivery costs in question to the BUYER, depending on the campaigns it carries out at the time of sale and announced the conditions on the WEBSITE.

5.4. In the event that the BUYER is not personally present at the address at the time of delivery of the products and the persons at the address do not accept the delivery, the SELLER shall be deemed to have fulfilled its obligation in this regard. In the event that there is no one to take delivery at the address, the processes of communicating with the cargo company in order to follow the shipment of the products are entirely under the responsibility of the BUYER, and the SELLER has no responsibility in any way. Again, if the Product is to be delivered to a person/organization other than the BUYER, the SELLER cannot be held responsible if the person/organization to be delivered is not present at the address or does not accept the delivery. In these cases, any damages arising from the late delivery of the Product by the BUYER and the expenses incurred due to the fact that the Product has been waited in the cargo company and/or the cargo has been returned to the SELLER shall be entirely borne by the BUYER.

5.5. The BUYER is responsible for checking the Product as soon as he receives it and when he sees a problem in the Product caused by the cargo, not accepting the Product and keeping a report to the Cargo company official. Otherwise, the SELLER will not have any responsibility.

5.6. Unless otherwise stipulated in writing by the SELLER, the BUYER must have paid the price in full before receiving the Product. If the price of the Product is not fully paid to the SELLER before delivery in cash sales, and the installment amount due in installment sales is not paid, the SELLER may unilaterally cancel the contract and not deliver the Product. If, for any reason, after the delivery of the product, the Bank/financial institution to which the credit card is processed does not pay the Product price to the SELLER or demands a refund of the price paid, the Product shall be returned to the SELLER by the BUYER within 3 days at the latest. If the non-payment of the product price is caused by the BUYER's fault or negligence, the shipping costs will be borne by the BUYER. The SELLER reserves all rights arising from the other contract and the law, including the follow-up of the Product price without accepting the return.

5.7. If the product cannot be delivered within the legal maximum 30 days due to extraordinary circumstances (such as weather opposition, heavy traffic, earthquake, flood, fire) other than normal sales/delivery conditions, the SELLER informs the BUYER regarding the delivery. In this case, the BUYER can cancel the order, order a similar product or wait until the end of the extraordinary situation.

5.8. If it is understood that the SELLER cannot supply the Product subject to the Contract, it informs the BUYER as soon as possible and clearly as soon as possible from the date of learning about this situation, in accordance with the law, provided that it receives the verbal / written approval of the BUYER, it is possible to find another product of equal quality and price. may supply the goods/services and shall be deemed to have fulfilled its contractual commitment in this way. The BUYER is free to give the said approval, and in cases where he does not give consent, the contractual/legal provisions regarding the cancellation of the order (Contract termination).

5.9. In order cancellations and contract terminations, including legal withdrawals, if the Product price has been collected, it is returned to the BUYER within a maximum of 14 days. The refund is made in accordance with the payment instrument used by the BUYER in the payment of the Product price to the SELLER. For example, in credit card payments, the refund is made by way of a refund to the BUYER's credit card, and the Product amount is returned to the relevant bank within the same period after the order is canceled by the BUYER; Since the reflection of this amount to the BUYER's accounts after the refund of this amount to the bank is completely related to the bank transaction process, the BUYER accepts in advance that it will not be possible for the SELLER to intervene and take responsibility for possible delays (banks usually take three weeks to reflect the refund to the BUYER account. ). The SELLER has and reserves the right to set off, discount and deductible for the price to be refunded, arising from this Agreement and the law. The BUYER's legal rights regarding the cases where the Contract is terminated by the BUYER due to the SELLER's non-performance are also reserved and available.

5.10. The BUYER may notify the SELLER, verbally or in writing, of his requests and complaints regarding the Product and sale, by reaching the SELLER's communication channels in the preamble of the Contract.

5.11. Both the aforementioned preliminary information and this Agreement are also sent to the above e-mail (mail) address that the BUYER has notified to the SELLER, and the confirmation of the receipt of the order is also included in the aforementioned e-mail along with the order summary.

5.12. The BUYER shall declare that he/she has read all the conditions and explanations written in this Contract and the preliminary information form forming an integral part and on the WEBSITE, the basic features/qualities of the Product/Products subject to sale, sales price, payment method, delivery conditions, the SELLER and the subject of sale. All other preliminary information/information about the product and the right of withdrawal, personal information/electronic communication and all matters written in Article 3 of this Agreement, that he/she has prior knowledge, that he/she has seen all of them in the electronic environment on the WEBSITE, and that he/she confirms/confirms all these in electronic environment. It accepts and declares that it accepts the provisions of this Agreement by ordering the Product by giving approval/acceptance/permission.


6.1. The applicable company policies of the SELLER and the confidentiality rules/policies and conditions, the principles of which are stated in the protection, confidentiality, processing/use of the information on the WEBSITE, communications and other issues are valid.

6.2. The necessary measures for the security of the information and transactions entered by the BUYER on the WEBSITE have been taken in the system infrastructure of the SELLER, within the scope of today's technical possibilities, according to the nature of the information and transaction. However, since the said information is entered from the BUYER's device, it is the BUYER's responsibility to take the necessary precautions, including those related to viruses and similar harmful applications, so that they are protected by the BUYER and cannot be accessed by unrelated persons.

6.3. The information obtained during the BUYER's membership in the WEBSITE and purchases shall be submitted to the SELLER, before the specified ones and their successors, for electronic and other commercial/social communications to be made with the SELLER for all kinds of information, advertisement/promotion, promotion, sales, marketing, credit card and membership applications. It can be recorded with the time(s) stipulated in the laws, stored in printed/magnetic archives, updated when deemed necessary, shared, transferred, transferred, used and processed in other ways. These data can also be forwarded to the relevant authorities and courts when required by law. The BUYER consents and allows the use, sharing, processing of existing and new personal / non-personal information in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data and electronic commerce legislation, and to make commercial / non-commercial electronic communications and other communications.

6.4. The BUYER can always stop the data usage/processing and/or communications by reaching the SELLER through the specified communication channels. According to the clear notification of the BUYER on this matter, personal data transactions and/or communications to the party are stopped within the legal maximum period; In addition, if he wishes, his information, other than what is legally required and/or possible, is deleted from the data recording system or anonymized in an anonymous way. If the BUYER wishes, he/she may object to the emergence of a result against him/her by means of transactions related to the processing of his/her personal data, the persons to which it is transferred, correction in case of incomplete or incorrect information, notification of the corrected information to the relevant third parties, deletion or destruction of the data, analysis with automatic systems, You can always apply to the SELLER through the above communication channels and get information on issues such as the elimination of damage in case of damage due to the processing of the SELLER. Applications and requests in these matters will be fulfilled within the legal maximum period or may not be accepted by explaining the legal reason to the party.

6.5. Regarding all kinds of information and content belonging to the WEBSITE and their arrangement, revision and partial/full use; Except for those belonging to other third parties according to the SELLER's agreement; All intellectual and industrial rights and property rights belong to the SELLER.

6.6. The SELLER reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary on the above issues; These changes will become effective as soon as they are announced by the SELLER on the WEBSITE or by other appropriate methods.

6.7. On other sites accessed from the WEBSITE, their own privacy/security policies and terms of use are valid, and the SELLER is not responsible for any conflicts or negative consequences that may arise.


7.1. SELLER records (including records in magnetic media such as computer-sound recordings) constitute evidence in the resolution of any disputes that may arise from this Agreement and/or its implementation; The rights of the parties arising from the relevant mandatory legal regulations are valid and reserved.

7.2. In disputes that may arise from this Agreement, Provincial and District Consumer Arbitration Committees are responsible and authorized in cases exceeding these limits, within the monetary limits determined/announced every year by the Ministry of Customs and Trade. In this context, the BUYER may apply to the Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts in the place of residence (residence) of the BUYER or, if he wishes, of the SELLER.


After this contract is signed by the BUYER and delivered to Özgür Erbiş via telephone or mail, or It becomes valid after the relevant contract checkbox is marked and the order is completed. This contract is kept for three years in the systems owned by the SELLER.

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