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Cam Brand; It was formed by the combination of a blacksmith working in a small boutique workshop and a knife collector who buys products from this workshop.

We took our first step with R&D studies on the reproduction of the classic and established models of the Turkish blacksmithing and cutlery tradition with modern materials and brand new designs in a completely handcrafted manner.

Our aim is to offer the best quality pocket knives and knives suitable for the needs of the users in Turkey and around the world with our years of experience without compromising on quality materials and defect-free craftsmanship.

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Safe and Durable Outdoor Experience with the Kam Knife

The Kam Knife is the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Its strength, durability and versatility make it the best camping knife to accompany you on camps, hikes and adventures.

  • Safety Priority: The Kam Knife offers a safe use with its superior sharpness and solid structure. Its stainless steel blade easily cuts all kinds of materials with its excellent cutting performance. Thanks to its stylish and ergonomic design, you can easily use the knife and make precise movements.
  • Unlimited Durability: Kam Knife shows superior durability in harsh outdoor conditions. You can use your knife for many years with its processed handle and solid structure. Thanks to its stainless steel material, it is resistant to changing weather conditions and humid environments.
  • Versatile Use: The Kam Knife is ideal for a variety of outdoor activities. You can use it to cut wood, set up tents or prepare food while camping. It is also a reliable aid in hunting, fishing and survival situations. Be prepared at all times and feel safe in nature with Kam Knife.

Cam Knife For Bushcraft and Survival Professionals

For bushcraft and survival enthusiasts, the Cam Knife is an indispensable tool. It offers everything you need to survive in nature and effectively use the resources around you.

  • Perfect Control: Kam Knife gives you perfect control thanks to its ergonomic handle and balance point. You can move freely even when making precise cuts or chopping wood. A reliable grip and perfect balance give you the edge on any bushcraft and survival mission.
  • Multi-Purpose Design: The Kam Knife combines many features with various functions. Its sharp knife can easily perform tasks such as cutting wood, preparing a campfire, making arrows. In addition, with its shaving function, it offers a practical solution when you need it.
  • Reliability and Durability: Kam Knife will never let you down in harsh natural conditions. Its stainless steel blade and sturdy construction are designed to withstand extended use. While you focus, the Kam Knife gives you confidence and enables you to survive successfully in nature.


Experience Unforgettable Camping Experiences with Kam Knife

Kam Knife has a special place among camping equipment. While creating unforgettable camping experiences for you, it gives you confidence and allows you to act in harmony with nature.

  • Ideal Size and Weight: The Cam Knife is the perfect size for portability and ease of use. Thanks to its lightweight structure, you can easily carry it in your backpack or belt. When you arrive at the campsite, start immediately and make a difference in your unique nature experiences with Kam Knife.
  • Aesthetic Design: Kam Knife draws attention not only with its functionality but also with its stylish design. It also satisfies you visually with its handle that fits your hand and its modern look. The Kam Knife offers a balance of both functionality and aesthetics.
  • Reliability Unlimited: Kam Knife always gives you confidence in your camping experiences. With its stainless steel blade and solid structure, it maintains its sharpness even under the toughest conditions. Feel safe in nature and act with the awareness that Kam Knife accompanies you at every moment.